Poland Quiz – How much do you know?

What is the national animal of Poland?

How many world heritage sites are there in Poland?

What is the capital of Poland?

How many people are living in Poland? (circa)

Which is the fourth largest city in Poland?

Which is the highest mountain in Poland?

Which is the largest lake in Poland?

Which is the northernmost point in Poland?

What is this Polish dish called?

Who was the last king of Poland?

What dish is in the photo below?

What is the Polski lektor?

What is the currency of Poland?

What animal is “working” at the Palace of Culture and Science?

Which of these countries does not share a border with Poland?

How do you say hello in Polish?

Which one of these is Zapiekanka?

What is the largest forest in Poland?

How large is Poland? (Total area)

When was the Kingdom of Poland first established?

What is the name of the castle in the photo below?

Which is the national flower of Poland?

When did poland join the European Union?

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